i love alexa chung.

by the looks of things you would think alexa chung & i shared wardrobes. that is if every piece of clothing i had ever wanted i owned & was stored in a giant walk-in sized closet complete with vintage art deco dressing tables. but in reality, i only dream of sharing wardrobes with such a stylish fille. she definitely channels my own personal style;
part hipster, part quirk, but always, always chic.

favourite outfits : the hat, black dress, motorcycle jacket & ankle boot combination.
i also love the green coat/jeans outfit too. oh, the booties (!)

and, if you are a frequent reader of mon blog you would know that i've also become obsessed with alexa's (fairly) new chic bob. so much so that yesterday i arrived at my hair appointment, photo of alexa in hand & asked for my hair to look just like hers.
--photos to come later--

you've probably already guessed who my fashion icon for the new year will be.
who will be yours?

love, A.


Sunniva said...

I just did a post on her too, and I so share your dream of owning her closet..there are so many goodies in there !!
Can't wait to see the pics of your new hair..and since it's like Alexa's it's bound to look great !

And ohh..if you hadn't already guessed, Alexa is my ultimate fashion icon for the New Year too ;P

Ali said...

my style icon yr 2008? clemence posey & vallentine fillol cordier ofcourse! who else? hee hee love you!

emsie said...

lots of people are giving alexa some love at the moment :)

i absolutely love her style too!


emsie said...

oh btw, i love your blog -
im definitely linking you


SICK. said...

can't hate alexa.
she's simply too fab !


Héloïse J. said...

she has some super cool outfits. i luv the print dress (on the right)she worn a couple of times.

FashionQueen101 said...

I did a post on her too, I love her! She has such good taste!

Nora said...

alexa is my style icon too!

Anna said...

She really does have amazing style!

Thea said...

i love alexa chung!
she's everything a girl wants to be