Changing Bags

It's that time again. I've broken up with that cognac satchel after a good long year. Maybe it's been my obsessive marathoning of Mad Men this summer, but I can't help but love feeling like Betty Draper every time I click open my bag for a cigarette. It's been a welcomed new $9 love affair.


We Think Alone

20 emails in 20 weeks over 20 different subjects from 10 different individuals. This starts tomorrow and if you know anything about me I consider Miranda to be a god. So, sign up now!


Summer Listening

A few of my current favorites. I went to Eleanor's gig earlier in the month and fell in love with not only her but her opening band, TEEN. And what is as perfect as The Mamas and the Papas played on repeat during the summertime? Enjoy.


Summer Reading

My summer reading looks a little something like this, and it's only June: Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood, Collages by Anaïs Nin, Selected Poems of Rūmī, The Life of Katherine Mansfield, Frida by Frida, The Early Diary of Anaïs Nin Volume Two and Colette by Julia Kristeva.



My mindless strolls after work have paid off. Those long stops in random bookstores and libraries have introduced me to Eugene von Bruenchenhein. An American Folk artist active throughout the 1940s who took portraits of his wife Eveline "Marie" in various exotic poses, elaborate costumes and artificial botanical settings. I don't think I have ever found anything more perfect.



Sunday mornings with homemade carrot-lime-ginger-mint smoothies and de Beauvoir.