Changing Bags

It's that time again. I've broken up with that cognac satchel after a good long year. Maybe it's been my obsessive marathoning of Mad Men this summer, but I can't help but love feeling like Betty Draper every time I click open my bag for a cigarette. It's been a welcomed new $9 love affair.


S. said...

Betty would be proud. And so am I. Must go thrifting as soon as possible for brooches and little jackets and purses. You've turned me into a Mad Men fanatic!


Anonymous said...

what camera did you use?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag. I'm so in love with this blog and how every post is so personal.

withlavia said...

gotta love the bag!

stay stylish

hannah-rose said...

i love this bag, it's so very you, along with fur coats and thin cigarettes and red lipstick. I'm going to send you an email very soon with 'merica information. I can't wait!! xxxx

Twobreadsplease said...

that bag is gorgeous, betty and peggy are such hot babes (as are you). also, do i spy angela lansbury hiding in the photo?! x

petal and plume said...

lovelove. your blog is brilliant!

electric feel said...

lovely bag....indeed so betty draper!

electric feel said...
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Stefka R. said...


I featured this post in my blog. You can see it here:


Cecilia Sammarco said...

love this pic. absolutely perfect composition!

Quinn Bell said...

What sort of camera do you use? I'm kind of obsessed with the graininess of this photo.I hate switching bag, but this one is a keeper! Congrats!

daydream with me said...

Ah obsessive inspirations, I totally understand ;)

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Hayley Paige said...

Lovely photos and blog!


pretty bag :)

Truche said...

That's my dream bag!