accident & emergency.

if you know me, then you know that i am GIGANTIC fan of the brilliant british electronic music duo : Goldfrapp. so, naturally, this afternoon when i woke up to find a text message from a dear Goldfrapp friend of mine telling me that their new album artwork for 'Seventh Tree' had been revealed, i was completely ecstatic! the cover is gorgeous. the colours, her eyes...perfection.
i'm loving alison as a pirate.

and of course, i just had to make an extra post to share it all with you;

Greetings Deers

A happy New Year to you all. We hope that you enjoyed your special Christmas message from Goldfrapp and that you all had a happy holiday. If you haven't seen the clip, it has to come down by Twelfth Night, so for a last look you can click here:

As promised we have lots of news for you all, with even more coming next week.

We've got some very exciting A&E news... we have added the track to the band's MySpace so that you can listen to it at your leisure.

Also, the video is in and looks great. Those lovely people at C4 will be showing it EXCLUSIVELY on Saturday 12th January in Freshly Squeezed on T4. The show is on air at 9.50am and the video will be repeated at midnight on the same day. Overseas Deers, don't worry, you will get to see the video too, as we will be adding it to the Goldfrapp Channel on YouTube, which can be found here, just as soon as we can:

Lots going on in radio land at the moment. Listen in to the Jo Whiley show on BBC Radio 1 next week as A&E is the Pet Sound and gets a play a day Monday - Friday. Jo is on air from 10-12.45pm and you can listen live here:

And finally, check out the Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie show on BBC Radio 2 on 9th Jan between 9pm - 10pm for a LIVE interview. You can click here to listen live:

Lastly and without any further to-do, we are pleased to reveal to you, exclusively, for the very first time, the album cover artwork for Seventh Tree. We hope that you like it.

As you know, Seventh Tree will be released on 25th February / 26th (US). We'll be revealing the track listings next week and setting up pre-orders for you so make sure that you check regularly if you want to be first with the news.

More next week, plus that exclusive live news...

Speak soon.


A&E, the single, is amazing. and i must admit that at first listen, i wasnt too thrilled because it is so different from their past stuff, but once youve read the lyrics [check out the A&E column to the right], know the story behind it & just listen to her voice, you will fall in love. it's just so tragically beautiful. definitely check out their myspace page or better yet my own, to have a listen.

ps. i found this fab little article last nite
doesnt alison look adorable?!
oh, im so in love!

it's just all too much. i am overwhelmed with happiness.
how on earth am i going to make it through seeing them live? sigh.
i'll keep you updated, darlings.

love, A.


Ali said...
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Ali said...

positively ah-mazing. a&e is beyond as well as the album cover. im re-obsessed.

vonedar said...

thank you, your blog is cool. very girly.

SICK. said...

absolutely gorgeous.

you're going to see them live ?
lucky one !
have you any idea who's opening for them ?


Tinsley said...

i can honestly say your the one who introduced me to goldrapp :)
i had heard of the name but just didnt look into it
thanks for all of the updates on her music

I Love the cover artwork - she looks a bit like mk no?

hey if you havent already come join this forum that a lot of bloggers are in (me, stevie from discotheque confusion, cocosteaparty etc)


Hope you join :)

Héloïse J. said...

nice cover indeed. beuatiful lightening.

Tru said...

very model photo....and i love extra posts days they're just so much fun

Mash said...

thank for sharing the information with us , that's great , I love Alison too but I doubt i m a biggest fan like you :)

Vampy said...

Hi A.! i wanna say I LOVE your BLOG!

IT's so TRéS CHIC!!

I love Goldfrapp, too BUT this cover is so boring! nothing new?!?

i think the other promo pics are better!

anyway... thanks for your amazing work!