just glitter lust.

if life went the way it was played out in my head, about this time i would have had the absolutely horrid task of deciding just which new years eve parties i would attend tonight, out of the stack of invites that have been pilling up next to all those art books ive been meaning to look through.

but i am a complete fantasist & will instead be at home tonight, watching old french films & drinking champagne with my loon mother. [really shes not so loony, it just sounds more tragic that way] and if i was to go to all those fabulous, fabulous parties i would very well be donning either one of these gorgeous, todiefor outfits;

shopping list one;
dress : derek lam : net-a-porter
opera coat : RM : net-a-porter
booties : ASOS Premium :
eyelashes : the makeupstore

shopping list two;
dress : mui mui : net-a-porter
knee socks : sparkle & fade ruffle : urban outfitters
nail varnish : OPI russian collection in siberian nights :
shoes : ASOS Premium :
hat : bird on the wire : urban outfitters
purse : birdy num num :

on a side note; that roland mouret opera coat is my favourite piece shown here.
so divine. i just love it. reminds me very much of the one róisín murphy wore in her elle uk spread a few months back. i may have to break down & purchase it for myself.
a little new years gift never hurt.

happy happy new year, darlings!

love, A.


Patrice said...

hey looooovvee!!
I wish we were spending nye together. it would be most awesome.
if i had my way we would be spending it in nyc! the virigns are having an awesome nye party! I wish i were there sooo bad.
now i am back at home and about to put in breathless and finish off this bottle of wine.
i am going to regret the wine i just drank and the alchohol i drank at the party this evening. i have to be up at 5:30 am for work.
happy new year!!!!!!

Mash said...

Love the shopping list two <3 so beautiful , so chic , so vogue .... happy new year lady :)

Bojana said...

Wow, amazing outfits!! I love them all...just wish I could have them, huh.

(is it just me or have I recently been starting every post with "wow"??)

Anyway, happy new year!!

SICK. said...

loving the derek lam dress & roland mouret opera coat;

happy new year !


LIZ said...

ohmygoodness i was just looking at that derek lam dress wishing i had saved so i could have that on me this nye! we're crazy alike.
new years next year will be perfect, darling; you, me & the whole of nyc at our manicured feet ;]
seriously, cannot wait.
ily xo

Ana said...

that fist derek lam dress is amazing

Tru said...

have no fear my friend...I too was left at home with the parents...oh well, my plans fell through unfortunatly but perhaps next year's new years eve will be more fun

Ali said...

goodness it took me forever to check your blog again - this post was amazing! and im officially beyond obsessed with tihs trentemoller song. i want to listen to it 24/7! love you.xo

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I've loved that derek lam dress ever since i saw it on jessica alba!

Héloïse J. said...

:D both of these outfits are just A M A Z I N G! lovely choices!

SLICE magazine said...

ASOS is a terrible VICE which i believe is single handedly responsible for the economic rescission.

Great Blog btw!, we'll be following