baletten bolle.

recently i have become OBSESSED with all things swedish; swedish street style, swedish fashion blogs, swedish popstars [robyn & lykke li, anyone?! - more to come from them later] ikea, h&m, cheapmonday, etc. etc. i've even added stockholm to my (very) long list of places i must visit before i die.

and after days of obsessively scrolling through many of their fabulous blogs i have spotted a recurring trend among the most fashionable of swedish girls - they all seem to favour the ballet bun, worn high atop their heads. its tres chic, effortless, & looks gorgeous paired with those gigantic scarfs they love wrapping multiple times around their necks.

now all i need is that plane ticket & a long overdue major shopping spree at h&m.
oh, & longer hair...

love, A.

photos taken from just a few of my favourite swedish blogs :, moderniteter, lisaplace & finafridas

ps. my hair appointment - ala alexa chung - has been scheduled for this wednesday!
i'm excited. guess that longer hair thing isnt really going to work out.


SICK. said...

ooh yes i noticed that too !
and they also always wear opaque tights under a lot & have an affinity for florals.

is it just me ?


Ali said...

i adore the ballerina bun. its my go-to for those days when i feel like i would rather get a little more sleep after the morning shower than blow dry (which is almost everyday...)

deexdeexdreamer said...

oo im flattered! cos id blacklisted ur blog as great eyecandy (and cobra homage!) a while ago..
i love the swedes and their style too, i discovered their branch of the web through the cherry blossom girl links and since its been love!

i cant understand any of it, but gosh, pretty!

The Velvet Scientist said...

Robyn is so amazing! I would love to visit Stockholm, & I love visiting your blog.

Mash said...

I would also love to visit sweden too :) i had try to learn the language but alone was too difficult for me :( and oh sweedish girls are beautifuls

Bojana said...

I love that hair style, too bad your hair has to be quite long so you can do it.

I'm obsessed with sweden too ; hence one of my latest posts!

Sunniva said...

Wow I love love LOVE your blog!! <3Would you like to exchange links?

I am obsessed with Sweden too, especially Stockholm..all the girls there seem so laidback with their chic style !

Soner said...

i love it .. to bad i can't wear it like that :(
i'll figure out something ..
kill a long re dheaded girl cut her hair off, clue it on my own head ore something

xo adore you

Cool Urbanite. said...

What's not to love about Sweden. I would die to go there and shop in all the vintage stores!

Swedish girls have a very strong, signature style. But rock it each in their own way!

erika said...

WOW! i didn't know that sweden was that popular. i live in sweden and i love lykke li, i've seen her twice actualy :) she's amazing!
you would love stockholm, it's the best!

xxx erika