unwrap me, darling.

the cobrasnake hasnt been this fab [or inspiring] in months! alexa chung, the like, aggy & that one girl whom im thinking is the gorgeous valentine fillol cordier? [please, correct me if i am wrong] but really it doesnt get much more hipster chic than this.

ps. new haircut ala alexa chung. what do you think?


presents, presents, presents!

clockwise from left; american apparel melange mustard skirt*, oxford laceup booties*, mini daisy perfume, opi nail lacquer in 'need sunglasses?'*, mini fresh sugar lip gloss in sugar fairy, rosebud salve brambleberry lip balm*, marc jacobs daisy gift set & train case*, nine west envelope bag*, cheetah ballet flats, 'the beautiful fall' by alicia drake**, 'secrets of the model dorm' by amanda kerlin, dolce & gabbana 'the one' roll on perfume, almost famous dvd**, erin fetherston cosmic bunny print tee*, black & yellow tights

*my favourites **two of my favourites received from my lovely mate, patrice

early christmas presents;

chocolates, martin margiela MM6 tote (!), knit pompom hat [from my brother, the artist, who also painted a canvas for me], francais vogue with calendar & H&M magazine.

what was your favourite pressie?

love, A.


Patrice said...

1. I completely agree about the cobrasnake.
2. Alex Chung new haircut is very french new wave but i am still peeved that she is dating Alex Turner. I swear she was JUST with James Righton.
3. I am so glad that you liked your presents!
4. I think I have the same american apparel skirt in mustard as well! I also bought it in heather grey too. Does it have the pockets in the front?

Ali said...

you got the most fabulous pressies! that bunny tee by erin is one of my favourites - i think i wore it yesterday! and your lace up booties! so yummy! and the MM tote is beyond. im doing a post with my pressies probably tomorrow. so stay tuned. love you more than i can say! xo

Mash said...

i think i love your new haircut so much <3
whaou so much presents hehe how lucky I m jealous because I can't find the perfume of marc jacob where i live , too bad :(
merry x mas

Kristin said...

i could not agree with you more and those are some pretty sick gifts.

nice blog

Bojana said...

Those are some lovely gifts!!! And awesome lace up booties.

SICK. said...

ooh la la, daisy perfume.
i love mine, when i first got it at the end of summer, i was obsessed. i couldn't look at it without beaming & grinning.

odd ? yes.

is the paris vogue calendar as amazing in real life as it is on the internet ? i searched for it but i couldn't find it in any book or corner stores.


ashley said...

lovely presents!!
am jealous.

Anonymous said...

oo great presents, i adore both oxfords and almost famous

discothequechic said...

oh yeahh, A, I have the same AA skirt in red!

In fact, I think I may have described it to you before. Go us!
And it is so fantastically high waisted and flattering, I love it.
Great with opaques, fur and booties for an easy new year option.

Your presents are fantastic, you obviously have family and friends who share a good eye.


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