no joke. straight from cory to me. on my myspace page.
i just cant wait to see what mark says.

ps : if youve been living in the dark; mark hunter aka the cobrasnake is an LA based photographer who goes around to parties taking pictures of the fabulous people.
hes shot everyone everyone from mk olsen to irina lazareanu.
basically anyone whos hip & happening in the la scene.
most famous of all would be none other than cory kennedy herself.
mark's muse & international it girl. her style is amazing. [check out her monthly column in NYLON magazine] & has even caught the eye of Urban Outfitters who is collaborating with cory on her very own clothing line.

basically they've been referenced to be the new andy warhol & edie sedgwick.
pretty cool, no?

i am a HUGE cobrasnake fan. [my header is one of his]
heres some of the latest photos to hit his photo blog that i just had to share.
hes got such a nack for making the most mundane things beautiful.

so who knows this blog & i could soon become as popular as cory kennedy & hers.
just a thought. a fabulous thought.

xx A.


Anonymous said...

wow! impressive! i must admit i'd taken a dislike to mark hunter before i'd even seen his photos, because as you know by now, i'm not a cory fan, so anything affiliated with her i assumed had to be just as annoying, haha, wow i'm so open to new things... ;), but those are great photos! unlike facehunter or even the sartorialist (as much as i love him, he really has an amazingly chic eye, his photo style isn't anything groudbreaking), these actually have great compostion! haha sorry, if i sound like an obnoxious art snob, but i do take a photo course @ at school...sooo, but anyway, basically i love the ice cream photo it looks so delicious and its sooo colorful and i love the leaves over the eiffel tower. :)

SICK. said...

don't we all wish we could be as famous as cory kennedy? for even 15 minutes? i know i do.

i want rose shaped ice cream!


Tru said...

that ice cream cone is insane

Bojana said...

You already ARE famous :)

Patrice said...

This is too crazy! I have yet to here the details of this, which you must tell me sometime.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a link directly to the pictures please?

Anonymous said...