okay, so this ones gonna be quick.
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but i was so excited that i just had to share asap;

Cory Outfits Urbans: A Play in One Act

[Lights up on Freeman's Alley, where impossibly layered people stand, smoke, stare. Enter Cory Kennedy, in a Grey Ant jumper, with photographer Terry Richardson. Spotlight on Fashionista, in the corner, in a Marc slip dress. She is happy to see Cory, but exhausted.]

Fashionista: Hello pretty girl!

Cory: Heeeeey.

Fashionista: So what have you been doing in New York?

Cory: [A dead-on imitation of Clueless] Oh, you know, stuff.

Fashionista: Ha, yeah, I bet you're so busy, like, designing a line for Urban Outfitters.

[a pause that's too long.]

Fashionista: Oh. Gosh.

Cory: Who told you that? How do you know that? Did you talk to the Urbans people?!

Fashionista: I can't reveal my champagne... I mean, my sources. Ooh, look, Ellen Von Unwerth is staring at you. Let's go talk to her!


hmmm i wonder how it will turn out?
i must admit im a pretty big fan of her personal style.

merci fashionista for breaking the news.

more fashion week coverage tomorrow i promise; that is if school is permitting.


The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
Oh I also don't know where to find APC stores besides LA and NY. Yeah probably online!

I also like Cory's style, love her clothes and accessories!


Ana said...

a uo line by cory.....thats exciting!

Ana said...

a uo line by cory.....thats exciting!

discothequechic said...

Hmm well, it was only a matter of time really.

I think she's cool and everything, and find her fascinating in a distinctly embarrassed way (thats me, who's embarrassed) but surely the whole point in her look, and why everyone admires her look so much is because it looks like it has just been thrown together, and lots of it is second hand. It looks thrown together, not like something that would be on display in a shop. Even if Urban Outfitters is hawwwt.


In love with this song by the way!..

S xx

lluviaschick said...

love your header! i cant believe she is designingç1111111

Anonymous said...

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