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i have a new obsession.
and her name is Róisín Murphy.
not only is she the newest disco pop queen to hit my playlist but shes also quite the fashion icon;

from 70s glamour girl•

- inspired by róisín, i decided it was time to dig out my fab pair of 1970s vintage sunglasses & start wearing them again -

to uber futuristic•

to just plain pretty•

i love her willingness to try anything. and she pulls it all off really, really well.
so cheers to róisín, a new fashion icon!

no, i havent forgotten the music. how could i? its too good.

let me know


i cant get either song out of my head.

xx a.

for more roisin check out her webpage
& get 'overpowered' the album out monday.


SICK. said...

i can see why she's your new obsession.
she's amazing!


Anonymous said...

wow! she is awesome! she has a very glamorous style, but instead of being some annoying diva, she's just sexy and powerhouse! love it! music is great too :)

Anonymous said...

actually the dress that prudie wears that i have is from last year so theres no photo online- its very schoolgirl though- it has capsleeves, goes to midthigh, has a brown plaid pattern (with hints of purple, navy blue, and burgundy tones), a purple sash in the middle...basically super cute haha ;)

i just take a photo course at my highschool- i'm also only 17. i wish it was a college photo course though! still it's fun, and now if i may say so myself, I have a much better eye for composition, i take pics for fun now, not just school! wow! school can be practical in the realworld too!? who knew hehe ;) but yes, it does coincide quite well w/ fashion photog!

SICK. said...

love her.

and about the serena discussion;
honestly, i thought they would pick someone much more, uhm, beautiful than blake lively. don't get me wrong, she's pretty, but she doesn't have the features nor the personality i imagined serena having.

[one half of]

Irene said...

what was the title of the old song on your blog?

a. said...

it was called :

sweet dogs by trolle//siebienhaar

& the new one is :

sing it back by moloko

xx a.

WendyB said...

Great style and pix!

ChiliLady said...


sorry for spamming, but I love reading your blog! Can we link up each other? That would be so nice!
Please write back in “my everyday glamour”
Chililady from Austria

fashionistakay said...

i think i've heard one of her songs before. she def. has a style all her own!
P.S.check out my new post.

Bojana said...

How come I've never heard of her?
Definitely gonna check her out, she seems pretty cool.