amelie & other things.

school has started up again & completely taken over my social & blogging life.
i seem to have little time for anything else anymore.

which is why i had the idea to ask you, my lovely readers,
what you would like to see on this blog.
any ideas &/or suggestions are welcome.
& who knows i might feature your idea in an upcoming post
so choose wisely, darlings.

on a side note the photo above is from the gorgeous french film 'amelie' which i just saw last night for the first time.
its a new favourite of mine. see it; if you havent already.

xx A.


SICK. said...

i've never seen amélie, but it's on a list of movies to see, along with half nelson, and a bunch of others that i can't seem to recall right now.


Mash said...

The real name of this french movie is Amélie Poulain ;)

The Stiletto Effect said...

I saw the movie and i like it very much! Audrey is very cute and sweet!