we can fight our desires.

while stevie's dreaming of having a pink wig, i'm dreaming of having hair blonde enough to streak a bit of pink through ala dree hemingway's post giles look. alas, i don't think i could ever ever give up being a redhead so maybe i should stick to dreaming of the 'wear it when you want it' wigs too...

ps, who else thinks dree got that much cooler after going platinum?



kyra zoe said...

she looks so diffrent now
but i adore it

and the sunglasses love love love

hrose said...

dree is the best! the thinking girl's it girl haha. i love her with the pink streaks in her hair. so cool.


leflassh. said...

she is freaking awesome.
love the platinum blonde. would love to go that colour.

joy said...

Dree Hemingway is my idol. She is sharp and gorgeous. Plus she is now taking a big risk, i guess, wit hthe hair and i love it. She can do whatever she wants.

Joy D.

Karin said...

so cool sunnies!

young-shields said...

ah, post snap! haha, she does look so freakin' cool though.

claire x

Like Porcelain said...

I do I do !! Lost of models have gone blond lately but for her (and siri tollerod) it def worked out the best!

Eternally Fixated said...

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Antonio Barros said...

She looked amazing in the show!

jessica said...

oh damn i really wanted that about a year ago!
but yeah no i could never dye my hair either.
not cause i personally wouldnt want to, but because almost everyone i know would lynch me for it.

& youve seen this, yeah ?
if you havent, happy friday night :]

jessica said...

double damn, i think i mightve given the wrong link .
if not, then oops, but if so, then voila :

konshonchloe said...

wowo gorgeous pics!!
i love gala gonzalez
nice blogggg

Sarah Von said...

Oh my. That third dress? With the blue flowers? Delicious!

Norisol Ferrari said...

You got my vote, the platinum blonde made her even batter. BUT I need those glasses! Anyone? Who makes her glasses?

Anonymous said...

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