ruby red lips, painted fingertips.

thanks to a dreary thursday night & to boredom for forcing me to flick on the telly, onto which i landed on the always reliable classic film channel, i now have a new favourite. not to mention a new favourite muse as well & this time no menswear is in sight.

faye dunaway in chinatown



discothequechic said...

oh it's looks fantastic! the sad irony is, I've actually rented this DVD once and given it back without watching it, AND recorded it on my TV without seeing it.

and how so you make screenshots, please tell!

much love xxxx

discothequechic said...

oh, sp, I meant how do you make screenshots..


hrose said...

gotta love faye, a screen siren if ever i saw one.
ps. i tagged you.

Anonymous said...

attractive pics, amazing look and fashionable.

Anonymous said...

her hair is fantastic

grace said...

the original Thomas Crown Affair marked the beginning of my obsession with her glamor.

Awesome posttttt!


ALICE said...

i have that EXACT cigarette case!!

róisín said...

Such a coincidence, that you suggest that movie... It's actually one of my favorites and I've seen it quite a few times...I actually own the dvd!

Your screencaps are perfect, they make me want to go watch it yet again!


young-shields said...

wondeful post, how i love screencaps. i must try to catch that film..

y-s x

Style Magnet; Sara said...

Faye Dunaway is stunninggggg.

Anonymous said...

disco- prnt scrn button!! then copy it into paint or wherever you want to edit it.. i love manhatten a LOT! fashion in film is always so inspiring.

a. said...

stevie - im sure on my mac its different but you do - command shift 3 - sorry i know youve asked this before & i never responded

& alice - where on earth is it from? ive been dying for one ever since seeing hers!


Tjejsajten said...

These are wonderful stills. I've never seen that movie, I'm going to have to fix this!

xoxo Lana

Veronicahhh said...

if only they had movie stars like faye these days. i miss the days of hitchcock, thomas crown affairs, and sean connery as james bond.

yoooo. said...

oh i love her.
she was great in bonnie & clyde!

chloe said...

faye is amazing, absolutely gorgeous! i haven't seen this movie, i must check it out, thanks for the tip! x

jessica said...

roman polanski, a genius .
f'ed up, but genius .
well, aren't they all ?