happy weekend. what are you up to?



grace said...

heading to NYC to see the boy + register for grad school classes! AAAAHHH!

your blog is to dieeee for

Iole said...

Have a great time over there. Just discovered your blog and stopped by.
Hope to see you soon
Love Iole

zoë said...

lc's style is far from extraordinary but i think she has a knack for pulling off trendy pieces in a more classic way .
her look is demure, simple for the most part .

have a good weekend hun .

Tjejsajten said...

i'm relaxing and having a much needed drink after a busy week!! oh and this roisin song is just perfect for a friday night. i love weekends.
i thought i commented on your last post but you look fabbbity fab, like always!!

Moodie said...

Just got off the plane, took a cab and paid the 27 euros for one day internet connexion in the Milan hotel I'm staying. This is such a scandal. Internet should be free in the luxury hotel.
I'm posting and having a blog tour before I go to dinner with my colleagues and pretend I'm just another fashion journalist, not a clandestine blogger ! Hopefully I'll drink enough wine to get rid of last night's hungover.
Love your blog.

jessica said...

i loooove quotes .
i think they're dominating my photo folders .. for sure .

uhm .. i'm spending my weekend in jamaica .
im happy .


róisín said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend!! I got to spend some quality time with my French textbook! Lucky me....not.