and i'm not sleeping at night.

three am.

auburn hair, coral nails, no bra & something sheer

four things im sporting right now.



Anonymous said...

love the style, the jewel and the structure of the skirt

OLivia said...
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discothequechic said...
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discothequechic said...

eesh, I don't think the lady above is happy.

though it did run over my own itunes music, there is a stop button, non?

anywayy darling, where was I?

eh, didn't reply to your text so i shall be a stingey bastard and do it here, but yes I think having that chat and seeing what happens and then just escaping for the weekend might be good. i just watched mad men and am about to go to bed, dreaming of hourglass figures and how smoking is never as chic as it looks when washed with dazzling cinematography.

goodnight cherry pie!

ps, no bra? whoot whoot! HA.

a. said...

of course theres a stop button & she is more than welcome to hit it if she very well pleases...

"smoking is never as chic as it looks when washed with dazzling cinematography"

exactly exactly. oh how i wish the allure wasnt so addicting.

roisin - stop it! stop it now!

ha, night my love. speak soon xoxo

jessica said...

you and roisin are antipodal beings .


a. said...


that we are, that we are...

haha ;]


ELLE et LUI said...

Hi there!
I really adore your blog! My husband and are are based in Paris and we just started a blog of our own - we'd be delighted if you'd check it out!!!


All the best!!!

Stephanie said...

im really into sheer at the moment too

LoveMore said...

o wowie! sounds like MOI too! :)
have the nails and everything! freaky!

love your blog hon.

thanks for your comments!!!!!!!!!!

xxx LM

belle.chantelle said...

bras are overrate anyways!

tyler. said...

Enough to turn a man straight.

Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous, though.
i've always wanted auburn hair...