surround sound, you can't turn it down.

alexandre vauthier s/s 09

róisín's first runway show as a contracted storm model.

"It's not so much about the modelling, but the fashion,' she said. ‘I decided that although I have always loved fashion and been immersed in it for twenty years, I felt now was the time to actually take it seriously, you know have my own voice in the industry and be represented. I would love to do a campaign and who knows maybe even do some designing? I wouldn't rule it out."

it was also vauthier's first solo collection after previous work as chief designer of
jean paul gaultier's couture department.

my favourites; the sequined blazer, sheer (yet still shoulder padded) blouse,
& of course that amazing gold flecked dress.

not a bad start, i'd say. for the both of them.



Charm said...

The structure of the shoulders is amazing.

Tinsley said...

this collection is amazing! I am absolutely in love with the 2nd dress in the third row...
stunning collection - thanks for posting!

Siska said...

looks so sexy!

zoë said...

loving it .

Mimi said...

On one hand I love it on the other I hate it.

icon said...

Fabulous! Oh dear, i really love it all.

La Couturier said...

beautiful collection :)

La C.

Fleurr De Lux said...

ooh lovely. my favourite is the bottom left dress.. so dramatic.

jessica said...

oh, wow !
this is .. so cool .
i can't wait to see her for mmg, hussein chalayan, viktor & rolf ..


Anonymous said...

different structure of silhouette is nice especially for this show and the JPG show as well

deep_in_vogue said...

These prominent shoulders are showing up everywhere!

Manyabella said...

i love his collection

but i don't like her to be a model
she's great and her music is incredibly hypnotizyng but she is not cut out for this.

she is great musician and she knows how to show herself... but that not mean she is great in modeling
she hasn't models features
too big for sure

The great world of fashion rock itself rules and I hope it will be long-standing

In different case everybody could be a model

and that would be trashy

why people don't see that?

Vintage Tea said...

The structure of these is amazing. I love your blog btw

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erikas said...

Love the structure! Not too many people can pull that look:)

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

I want it all. Ahh, Roisin is always so refreshing.

July Stars said...

Vauthier worked for Gaultier? If you speak French, you'll understand why I'm laughing. It sounds hilarious!