five am, out again.

never a huge fan of erin's california style, i was shocked to find myself actually admiring what she was wearing for once. so, i felt i just had to repost this look as ive completely fallen in love with it & its surprisingly minimalistic swedish feel.

the shades of black, the messy bun & sheer top peeking out under a draped knotted tee is absolute perfection.



She's Dressing Up said...

I love the small flash of skin!

urbnfairytale said...

i like the all black. but i don't see why she put her hair in a bun! it's so gorgeous. but doing something different is always good.

jessica said...

i agree, very swedish !
i thought that instantaneously too .
i think blogworld is seeping into our brain a little more than we imagine ;]


Anonymous said...

I don't normally like her (at all), but this isn't that bad.
She just always seems to look very sloppy. I think she's a bit overrated.


a. said...


my thoughts exactly :]