tell you pretty perfume lies.

my favourite swede : nike sofia amorina felldin


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Anonymous said...

stunning, she looks like someone but cant think who,

great blog


alex hannah said...

what a good looking girl.

Sandra said...

she's lovely

Stephanie said...

I saw her on Garance Doré the other day- I love the pictures she shot of her. Gorgeous girl. gorgeous style. Great choice of favourite Swede ;)

Bojana said...

Why has Sweden stolen all the good genes and left nothing for the rest of the world??
Not fair

Lisa said...

amazzzzzing shots.

she is beyond pretty.
out of this world.


Charm said...

I love the pic third from the bottom...what an intriguing figure.

Pari said...

she is so beautiful! just amazing

little miss s. said...

I was just looking at the third photo/photos yesterday! I just adore her...

adore you as well love ;]

Fleurr De Lux said...

isn't her blog fantastic?? that picture of her smoking is smokin!

xo L

Style On Track said...

My gosh, what a stylin' little lady, I am in love with those leopard print stockings :)

Michael Oats said...

Hi, take a look at my last shooting:

Pas de Panic
Photographed by Michael Oats

at http://www.michaeloats.blogspot.com

I hope u like it! :)


she takes a fierce photograph
very androgynous
yet supa young lookin

like your blog


erikas said...

Wonderful photos:)

discothequechic said...

she's so very pretty!

aand i'm mvery envious of her fantastic acne heel boots..

so thank you for your lovely text the other day, about how my weekend sounded fun hee. and i'm so excited about the parcel!

but i'm also shit scared that my one to you is lost or something, I sent it almost two weeks ago. i'll be sososo upset if it is as there was a very heartfelt letter and some cute goodies! ayeayeaye.

anyway, I just wanted to drop you a little line (though guess I should have done this via email!) as I'm in the midst of deadline madness and feel like I'm neglecting one of my best mates.

love you lots! xxxxx

Mona said...

Loving all these! Your blog is full of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the third-to-last.

You look a lot like her, I think it's the mouth. ;)


Anonymous said...

I saw this girl on Stockholm Streetstyle, and plunked her down on my blog. I'm pumped you did a feature-my faves are the out-and-about pics.

xoxo Kiks

claire said...

just the kind of post i've been looking for!

y-s x