one day we're gonna live in paris, i promise, i'm on it.

a first glimpse of paris haute couture fashion week via the cobrasnake.
with look who making an appearance front row at the givenchy show yesterday.

thank you darling matthew.


currently listening : paris : friendly fires


Rocky B. said...

Always love backstage photos :)

Alice X said...

i love the first line:)

Stephanie said...

I am loving these fashion week pics floating around at the moment.

Where is your title from?
I adore that sentence.

Anonymous said...

i hope one day, i get to experience a day in Paris like that.
it'd be to die for.

Style Magnet; Sara said...

Givenchy and Roisin and runway, oh my! :)

Nina said...

perfect idea.
très d'accord.

jessica said...

a panoply of perfect .
that's all ive got to say .


tyler. said...

You know, darling, my uncle lives in Italy in which it takes him about one hour to get into France. I've been invited to stay there for a weeks whenever I feel necessary.

Lets plan! hahaha

F. said...

Those white shoes are crazy/amazing!
&those black ankleboots, YSL tributes?

a. said...


the title is a lyric taken from the song 'paris' by friendly fires.

ive got it linked - check it out!


Jess. said...

ugh, amazing.
I wish I was there so badly!
Hope you're well, dear.


Fashion Trix said...


discothequechic said...

i'm so excited about the shows this year!

as i've told you already i'm really craving some new trends and I'm hopeing the FWs will deliver.

and I'm glad you've come across this song, they play it at work and I lovelove it. The lyrics are written on my blackboard door! they're so cute.

love you xxxx

ps, let me know when you get the latest parcel!

Style On Track said...

I love seeing what really happens behind the scenes :)