looking more dapper than the boys.

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after spotting nearly every blogger, me included, in this online blogging world sporting the now phenomenon alexander wang look filled with holes, rips, tears, chains, sheer, see-thru, leather, body conscious masses of monochrome fabrics, i began to take a look at my own wardrobe & wonder what we wore before wang.

i found myself wanting a new way of thinking, a new trend, a new way of dressing. & after posting a very grunge, very wang styled editorial, discovered that i wasnt the only blogger out there who craved such things.

it began with the trouser; still slightly skinny & highwaisted but with more movement. paired with a classic buttoned up blouse, a tailored blazer, maybe a menswear inspired hat, waistcoat or tie & close-toed flat shoes such as brogues & oxfords.

i started looking to old muses for inspiration such as annie hall, marianne faithfull & lauren hutton all epitomizing menswear chic in the 70s. i also took a look through the groundbreaking ysl le smoking collections of the era. & as always, searching through folders of images of my goto muse róisín murphy, gave much inspiration as she too has often donned an immaculate menswear look.

alas, im not creating anything new here. as fashion is always going back to itself & its old trends making them fresh & new again years later. but, as for now, im taking down the plastered up images of erin wasson in her doc martens & replacing them with this homemade inspiration board filled with many lovely photos of róisín in her always spot on men ensembles, screencaps from my favourite scenes in annie hall & of róisín during her moloko days in the familiar feeling video looking even more dapper than the boys, a sartorialist snap of a very well dressed swedish lad, a look from the jenni kayne fall 09 collection & another gorgeous black & white image ive had saved for ages.

needless to say, this new way of thinking has all but taken over the entire idea behind my next outfit post & with fall fashion weeks upon us heres hoping we're not the only ones dreaming of recreating the past. perhaps thats why i am so excited this year.



little miss s. said...

menswear is soo sexy!
& didn't annie hall change your life? hehe
I always search desperately for a vest whenever I watch that movie & since I'm growing my hair out I feel like I can finally stop worrying that I'll look a wee bit too much like a boy hehe

fab post darling ;]

ess elsie. said...

i am loving the amount of roisin on here!

róisín said...

This post is so refreshing, because I'm starting to get a teensy but tired of the alex wang look as well. Especially after this last collection! Love the looks you chose. And Annie Hall has got to be one of my favorite films, ever maybe.

alex hannah said...

Oh i was just searching the men's side of all the shops i went in today!

Riley said...

hey, I mentioned you in my blog!

young-shields said...

What a lovely collage. I love the dapper, masculine look, I think it is just so classic.

BUT one thing to ask - what to do with our ripped jeans and beanies now? Can we recycle Wang-items into this look...

I wonder!

claire @ y-s x

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi :)
Love the collage

Kat said...

love roisin's style - she wears the most amazing things and i love that her look is never sloppy.

totally agree about wanting to wear this kinda thing,

Moodie said...

Annie, Lauren and Marianne, you named my three ever favorite muses ! You are so right about your post-Wang analysis, I was thinking just the same this morning as I posted on Erin Wasson's RVCA collection - so Wangish. What did we wear before ??

jessica said...

great post .
it's so true .. what were we pre-wang ?
great post, again .


deep_in_vogue said...

I love the androgynous look, done right it is so sophisticated

Big Daddy said...

Mens wear has been on my mind a lot lately too. I just can't figure out how to make it right on me! But i totally love this inspiration collage!

KATLIN said...

You pretty much nailed it. While I do love me some pale/monochrome looks, the whole shreddingstuddingleatherblack look has got me seeing the same thing on my favorite style blogs. I really like the menswear looks from Luella's fall 09 show. Maybe you can check those out for some inspiration, too!