"and now the other girls are doing it and i'll have to move on. do you know what i mean?"

before i go off & finally post the outfit post ive been chatting about now for ages, let's see first what the uber sexy, chic & very funny rosheen murphy was caught wearing out in bryant park on tuesday, either just before or just after the diesel show.

funny that its the same exact spot where i spent my first moments ever in bryant park; sat at one of those green garden tables, debating whether or not to ask the raven haired - cut like lanphear's - model next to me if i could, just if only for the cool factor, bum a fag. i didn't.

maybe next time róisín will be there for the chance.



Anonymous said...

I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG, the photos are very well.

jessica said...

i pretty much dance up a cyberstorm everytime i come to your blog, thanks to the pumping roisin murphy beats in the background :]


Stephanie said...

Love bag and love that her outfit is soo accessible in terms of replicating it.
She's such a great muse to have- she comes across as so real. It's amazing.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Gotta love the fact that she dresses herself. This is such a comfy but incredibly chic look. So great. She is definitely right about the avant-garde stuff, in the quote you put up as the title of this post.

a. said...


*cough* lady gaga *cough*

but let's not get into that, shall we?


róisín said...

Lady gaga *gags*

I can't believe that I'm just now discovering the awesomeness that is róisín murphy. She blows me away with how cool she is every single time.

Moodie said...

Ok, so, I want her hairdo, I want her Fendi Boots, I want her Liberty necklace, I want to be able the say "uber-chic" without looking stupid, I want her accent, by the way, and... Ok, I want to be her. She sticks perfectly to the definition of "effortlessly cool" !!!
Thx for the comment ! Your blog is pretty awesome !

daniqueconijn said...

oh golly your blog is precious.. so is your taste in music

Anonymous said...

i must admit, i'll be a little sad that next album Roisin won't be donning avant garde marvels...but i'm sure she'll make whatever she chooses look amazing anyway.
besides, costume and props have been part of her shows for a loooong time.

Z said...


miky said...

i love that hair!!!