wonderful electric.

my plane leaves tomorrow morning.

the polaroid, diana +, subway map, frapp costume, tickets, little black book, glossies, makeup & such are all packed. now if only i could decide what to wear for three lovely (rainy) days in nyc & not to mention what to wear to a possible brief encounter
with alison goldfrapp

decisions, decisions.

a full in depth review will follow soon. think something along the lines of last time but longer & better

love, A.


Knight Cat said...

oooo darlinggg
picking out what to wear is so hard, especially if you plan on meeting you idol, i hope you have a great time! take lots of pictures!


jules said...

I love the diana +, it goes along with me everywhere

alex hannah said...

less then a month and i get to see them! very exciting. picking what to wear is hard, i'm thinking about it

Anonymous said...

This picture is so poetic... (With Goldfrapp = perfect !)

discothequechic said...

have a lovely time sweetie.

for some reason my phone has decided that it won't send texts again.

otherwise i'd send you some nyc luck!

have a fabulous time.
(wait, should i make that
frapp-ulous?.. oh dear..!)

lots of love xxx


super jealous that you're at ny fashion week
really love your blog n your style

keep up the inspiration


LEESH said...

how exciting!! have a wonderful time and take pictures to share with all of us low lifes...


Mila said...

Great post! And what a besutiful photograph!
I am looking forward to see your polaroid and diana photo's!

Have lots of fun and be back soon!


Luxe. said...

Wow sounds like fun! I love Goldfrapp

Anonymous said...

Lucky you!!!!! :D

makemoremistakes said...

le much jealousy.


Tinsley said...

au revoir mon ami!
have fun in ny, soak up the ... rain? and be happy cause your going to goldfrapp!!!!
love tinsley

natalia said...

I'm back!

Tru said...

I love NY have fun!

Audrey Leighton said...


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belle.chantelle said...

hahaha...that's a wicked picture!

Amanda said...

It's so hard picking what to wear. And i want to see those polaroids later!

El Notable said...

Love the pic! have a good time and enjoy!

Johanne said...

Oo La La:) I just discovered your blog, it's so inspirational! Would you like to trade links?