roisin + zoo.

Shot in a community center somewhere in north London, next to peeling council estates and with no other background music than bird song, there was none of the usual Viktor & Rolf threads, scandalous poses or flamboyant makeup. It was just Róisín Murphy, naturally stripped down, exposing the person behind the performer extraordinaire shield. But Murphy says she enjoyed it, calling the photo shoot "meditating, introspective and quieting".

(seven previews of the twenty-two page editorial)

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i am back. slightly depressed, but back.
it all went by too fast. im thinking i should just become a goldfrapp groupie.


ps, spotted at bryant park - behati & coco!


belle.chantelle said...

that's a fantastic spread. I particularly enjoy how they pulled originality out of a dull, and bland location.

Taghrid said...

this makes me wanna throw weverythign in my room away.

Tyler said...

I'd love to see her!

discothequechic said...

you're already a goldfrapp groupie!

and hee, i was going to post these pics.

the tea drinking english rose said...

lovely images!

i like this song too, makes me want to dance on clouds in a dress made out of chiffon.

Mila said...

Wow, nice you spotted those girls!
I hope you feel better soon girl. I kind of know what you feel, a slight depression takes over my head also.

Stay positive, girl!

Oh, Zoo Magazine is great, i bought a couple of issues...