i was invited.

on sunday by one of the owners, when i picked up this insane pair of vintage boots.
she remembered me from last time, because apparently
i always buy their tiniest pairs of shoes.

too bad i couldnt postpone my plane for another week.
but if you happen to find yourself wandering about the lower east side on saturday -
definitely drop by. i heard they are having some amazing sales.



discothequechic said...

yeah, i might stop by.

in my dreams

lots of love abby.
this weekend is hectic, but i'll email soon my lovely.


The Stylish Wanderer said...

Oh if only I was in NY

savannah said...

You lucky thing! That store is AMAZING. I cannot wait for ze rest of your ny news! I loved your last post about going there.. it really transported me from my room in booring notting hill to nyc! wish i was there riight now. x