je ne sais quoi.

i saw the most amazing woman last weekend while flea marketing in nyc.

i noticed her first at hells kitchen, at the very first stall we stopped at; buying some of the most amazing vintage jewllery i had ever seen. she stood out from her group of friends
& had the loveliest british accent. "cheers doll" i heard her say.
i ran into her multiple times, rummaging away through the same stalls as me,
always finding the best things first.

she was likely in her thirties & wore the tightest pair of leather tights, with a slouchy sheer black alexander wang/row-esque tee & the kind of insane booties you only see in magazines.
she reminded me of kate lanphear. she had the hair, although it was a bit longer & more flowy.

i could not take my eyes off her. she was just too cool. it was nearly 90 degrees; i felt like a complete mess, burning up in my aa bandage skirt & gladiator flats & here she was in all black,
in heels & looked the picture of perfection.

she was everything i want to be & when i saw her again (all the way down in chelsea) at the other flea market we had on our must stop list - i knew i had to say something & i even thought to take a photo but as soon as i had gathered the courage she had stomped away - the best dressed woman i had ever seen in new york - fabulous items in tow,
back into the blazing sunlight.



Isa said...

Almost as an fashion icon ..she's perfect !!

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

ooohhhh! she's lovely. she reminds of me Marianne Berglund from make me a supermodel. Actually, they resemble each other a lot.

Mila said...

Gorgeous! Love the way you write about this... <3

I never see such women walking down the streets here.


EMS said...

you write beautifully
gosh i love seeing women like that, i so wish i was one

discothequechic said...

sounds perfect; i'm proud to know that she was a brit, hehe!

i love these little moments when you spot a real life girl crush. they're kind of agonising at the same time though; as there is that feeling of wanting to capture the moment.

i didn't reply to your text as i have spent an extortionate amount of money on texting this month. but yay, very excited about the letter! and you know, i'm now contemplating just waiting to tell you about london when i write the next letter.


lots of love, xxx

and ps, in relation to my best friend in america in my last post. of coursse it was you! ha.

claire said...


y-s x

On Track said...

Wow she is one of a kind, thank you for pointing out this wonderfully stylish woman to me :)

morphidee said...

i hope to be half as beautiful as here one day.

little miss s. said...

hmm, kate looks fabulous as always ;] how I wish you could've gotten a photo of your instant-streetstyle-icon/girl crush! hehe


SICK. said...

she sounds fabulous.
& that story reminds me of the time zoƫ & i saw an elderly woman we like to call "the AY granny".
she had huge bling, bright leggings, and she had a killer bike.
we still wish to see her again :]

Capuccino bar said...

her style is georgeous.

Anonymous said...

you have a dreamy way of writing, i like it.

i can completely relate to this post.. seeing a stranger that has such a essence and unique style about them is always so interesting.. you can make up whatever backstory name and personailty from simply seeing them for a few minutes, and it is so easy to draw inspiration from someone you hardly know..