collaboration of the coolest.

be sure to pop on over to discotheque confusion to read the collaboration post i did with its fabulous author, very, very deer mate of mine, & now sister through
"parent trap" like coincidence - stevie.


love, A.


Tinsley said...

ahhh how ive missed this blog and you!
it just keeps getting better and better

liswon said...

looking forward to it!

Capuccino bar said...

Th post is great!

Chic Looks said...

I just read your guest post on discotheque confusion and really enjoyed it and was wondering if you'd like to exchange links?! cos i'm updating my link section and realised I havent got lots of great blogs on there :)

discothequechic said...


belle.chantelle said...

So lucky! And how lucky of you to have her as your new sis. J'suis jalouse.

claire said...

oooh i knew the guest would be you!

y-s x

Knight Cat said...

i loveee


liswon said...

p.s. i would love to swap links with you :)

Juliet said...

I found you through this post. Great job, I'll come back !

juliet xxx

Mila said...

Read it and loved it! <3

I gave you an award...check out my blog to see the details!
(It will be online in abouthalf an hour!)

Bye, love.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I loveeee this post! Yay collaborations!
x L

LEESH said...

read it. great post. i've totally been checking out ebay for them... want the perfect worn out pair.


Anonymous said...

nice blog!!
greetings from Mexico :D

discothequechic said...

my postcard is on its way?


oh the excitement!

thank you for your lovely comment about my room. i wondered if you would notice your postcard ha.

and i hope you've seen all of the lovely comments people left about your docs post.

love xxx