those girls on their heels,

sound like horses to me."

these gorgeous LV pumps debuted at paris fashion week on the feet of my ultimate girl crush & style icon (besides alison goldfrapp, of course)
quelle fille?

if you frequent as many blogs as i do & are as obsessive with checking them as i am, youre sure to have seen this photo somewhere but if you give up - another couple of posts will follow this week; featuring more of her & more of her amazing accessories.





Luce said...

Kate Lanphear! I lover her. and her fucking amazing LV shoes.

Jess. said...

these shoes are perfection. love them. love her.

alex hannah said...

i was looking at these in a mag today.
i like the black ones a lot more!

discothequechic said...

why, it is our dear kate lanphear, of course. i wish i could have seen her in action in these just to see how to negotiated the sheer height of them..


belle.chantelle said...

Whoa...those are completely original. Great look!

Julie said...

These are so amazing! I would die for these.

Anonymous said...

you should credit the photo. TOmmy Ton from Jak&Jil took it!

SICK. said...

kate :]
though i don't know how one could possibly walk in those.
they're supposed to be seven inches or something .