oh, to be a modern girl.

"let's take a ride
through the city, see it come to life, uh-huh
straight through the light
i'll be standing my ground
till the light's out, lock the door

got to be a modern girl
to live inside a modern world
always be calm, be cool and collected"

i thought this gave at least a slight nod to miss murphy;
vintage dress & gloves, thrifted belt & f21 heels.
now if only i can find a hat like this - it will be perfect.
oh yes, & i will be in much need of a straightener as well.



discothequechic said...

oh my goshh, abby!
so bloody fantastic! the dress! where on earth did you find it?

it's perfect and very roisin indeed.
i've just finished making a couple of little homemade goodies for your parcel, hee..


The Stiletto Effect said...

amazing outfit :)

Daughters of Dawn said...

That dress is brilliant!

Tru said...

cool outfit very retro

Knight Cat said...

wowwww you look incredible! those gloves and that dress ayyy mammmiii

and i love your hair color too!


Anonymous said...

the dress is adorable! in a elegant way, if you know what i mean

Bojana said...


You look stunning.

Very face Hunter, in the best way possible

Luxe. said...

I love the colour of the shoes

Aaron said...

Wow, you manage to look way better than I do when I'm sick. The first picture is so gorgeous. Roisin would indeed be very proud. :)

Anonymous said...

wow lady u look so amazing, i love the heels so much...roisin would love that shoulder things!! ;-)
kisses and have fun to see her in new york, i saw her the second time this august and she was so brillant!

kisses of the could but sunny swiss, Betty! ;-)

Mila said...

Wow, you look stunning, girl!
Very modern indeed, but old fashioned as well. I love that combination! <3

little miss s. said...

abby you look every shade of fabulous here, gorgeous!!

I am so lucky to have such a deliciously fab copine as you, my dear ;]


Julie said...

Oh the gloves!!! I've been looking for some long leather gloves. I love the look.