tophats + feathered sleeves + mustard booties.

who else but roisin murphy?

its about bloody time WWW featured someone with actual style, not that i really care what that positively cringe-worthy "fashion" website has to offer but it was nice to see a familiar fashionable face pop up when i checked it purely out of boredom today.

& what perfect timing too! that shes their GOTM (girl of the month) for october; quite fittingly also my birthday month, in which i have just been informed that my major present this year will not only be a road trip to a lykke li show, it will also be another weekend rush up to nyc (!) for roisin murphys first american concert - ever held at mansion only a week following said birthday.

how very, very exciting!

ive had my outfit picked for weeks, just dreaming of getting to attend one of her shows.
& now its happening.

shall i share next post, then?

love, A.


Anonymous said...

oo so chic, love the sleeves as well

discothequechic said...

oh my gosh, another nyc trip?..
sheesh, you might as well get am apt there for your birthday, hee!

and it's been a hive of activity in the "abby's birthday" section of my brain of late. i have a scrap of paper on the back of my bedroom door with the date and a deadline date to have your package sent by!

just got your email by the way; the skull is the coolest thing, i agree, perfect for our abode.. ha.

lots of love

ps, can't waitt for my mail!

SICK. said...

no way !
lucky lucky :]


alex hannah said...

roisin murphy and lykke li and new york.
definitely very exciting!

Mila said...

She looks amazing! <3

So great for you you're going to NYC again! I am a bit jealous, but i shouldn't be...bcyuhdjero


Anonymous said...

eh, you sound so pompous. if your so hardcore and into fashion dont go there. you obviously go there more than you let on.. "checked it out of boredom" ahem, sure.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I thought of you when I saw her on WWWD! I'm so jealous about Lykke Li and Roisin! Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful month!
x L

a. said...

to annonymous : haha, no. i really was that bored! being sick can do that to you :]

Anonymous said...