sick day.

a trip to the doctors this afternoon not only gave me an early release from classes but also a free day off tomorrow & despite the fact that i really am truly sick sick sick; i am determined to enjoy my lovely free day to its absolute fullest.

in which i plan on spending first by sleeping in & then waking up to the delicious looking cinnamon roll mum picked up for me at the bakery today, then ill give my nails a much needed varnish, finally sit & read the glossies i picked up in ny [uk elle & purple], make a pot of my favourite vanilla citrus rose tea from teany & fully lose myself in goldfrapp's just released itunes original album [lovely cover, no?] before perhaps rewatching the dreamers for the third time this week & adding a few new things to my ever going birthday list. & of course ill be checking up on thefashionspot/blogs, returning comments & maybe even getting a head start on a few new posts for later this week...

ah, i love sick days.


ps, im really, really loving will's glasses.
i guess they will be my next must find at the flea markets.
so cool.


discothequechic said...

and I am loving your daily posting.. so very exciting!

please be ill more often if this is the result, hee.

i can't believe you've watched the dreamers three times!! i feel so proud..

lots of love xxxx

On Track said...

I agree with you 100% on Will's glasses, how amazing are they :D You are as big a Goldfrapp fan as I am it seems x

Anonymous said...

im liking the daily posting too! Only you could make being sick seem so inspiring! you have such a fantastic way of posting.. love it. :)

Mila said...

Ah, sometimes sick days are just the best!
it's like you suddenly feel the need to make the ultimate best out of your days...

Enjoy your day, but get healthy soon!


Tyler said...

Michael Pitt in the Dreamers...djfklsdjflksa

alex hannah said...

oh! i'm seeing goldfrapp on sunday!
sick days are nice as long as your not
realllly sick.

Aaron said...

They did choose a very lovely photograph, but I hate, hate, HATE how the iTunes designer outlined the Goldfrapp logo and the "iTunes Originals" text. It's very amateurish.

And I hope you are feeling better soon, Being sick is never fun, although it looks like you are going to try your hardest to make the best of it.

SICK. said...

it's a sick day for me today too !
it's because i lost my voice, i sound like the nanny.


Mimi said...

A few weeks ago I was ill too and bored myself after 2 days.the good thing about it is that you've so much time and can do thinks you miss over beeing at school.

P.S. Hm..cinnamon :)

Anonymous said...

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