its a strange day,

"no colours or shapes."

blazer - thrifted
my favourite row-esque tee - f21
lame leggings - aa
gladiators - gj
bag - chanel 2.55
jewellery - vintage rings from amsterdam & nyc, & necklace, f21

ive finally decided, after many requests, to get over my unnatural bloggers fear & start doing outfit posts quite regularly for you lot. because after all, why else would we be so addicted to all these fabulous blogs if we couldnt see what the authors behind them are wearing out & about on the street everyday? its so much cooler to think that the combination youre wearing was inspired by a scandinavian it girl other than some over publicized celebrity.

& as much as i loved being out in the rain today it really doesnt lend itself very well to impromptu photoshoots behind the starbucks next to my favourite little restaurant downtown. blurry pictures = i might take a few up close shots a bit later on.
if you wish.

love, A.

currently listening on repeat : hearts on fire : cut copy


Patrice Jackson said...

hearts on fire by cut copy! you should listen to nobody lost, nobody found. it's amazing.

alex hannah said...

oh! you look heaps cool! lucky you
with your 2.55!

discothequechic said...

an outfit post?


and no joke i'm wearing pretty much the same outfit. except with that lame bra in purple and masculine boots.

but that's no surprise it is?


claire said...

i agree about the chanel bag, wowza!

very very cool. your hair is a nice length, hopefully mine will be like it eventually.

hope your feet didn't get wet..

y-s x

Fleurr De Lux said...

Yaaaay! Don't worry, it still scares us. And creeps out our parents. But everybody does it, so if you can't beat em, join em!
Looking lovely as usual.

LEESH said...

yes yes, please continue with outfit posts. it's so true... we're all talking and talking about these trends and are obvsiously incorporating them into our wardrobes- why not show it off! your blazer is very nice, and i love it paired with that long white tee! perfection! you're loveley!

Anonymous said...

ooo outfit posts finally! yay! love the first one, keep em coming!

Marilynn said...

outfit post? I love it. I love yours, it's so simple.

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love your outfit !!!!

SICK. said...

this outfit post made my day !

and about the film, aren't you the least bit excited about olivia thirlby, anton yelchin, drea de matteo & cloris leachman ?

i know i am.


Mila said...

Great pic!!
Love what you're wearing!


Anonymous said...

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I love your style

Anonymous said...

Yay - outfit posts! Love it.

Juli said...

wonderful. i like your blog. amazing.
And wow, you have a 2.5 chanel.

LaCouturier said...

ahh! i want your bag! (and your shoes!)

fab =)

please check out my blog =)

Bella said...

Ah, Starbucks is great in so many ways...

Mattie said...

i gotta say that tee looks fab, i need to stop bt f21 soon