i think there are only a few things in this world -rainy days, vintage, tea & alison goldfrapp- that i love more than a glance into someones (incredibly chic) humble abode.

*takes a million mental notes for her own nyc apartment she will be decorating
in a little less than a year*

isabelle mcnally - nyc - 16th of july 2008

"where do you like to eat lunch?
uhhh...hmmm...lets see...whole foods? home?"

if she looks strangely familiar, as if you just passed by her the other day on the street coming back from picking up fresh flowers at the market, dont fret - theres a million & one places im sure youve seen her; cobrasnake, nylon, various blogs & now in the newest (& amazing)
urban outfitters early autumn catalogue, but more on that later...




Fashion Tidbits said...

pics of inside a home are always interesting. it's like seeing a little bit of someone's character displayed to the rest of the world

Anonymous said...


I love it. Especially this right here

the.ramonas said...

i have to visit your blog at least 4 times a week just for the song!!!! love it!!!!! goldfrapp right?


Anonymous said...

i think she looks a bit like Peaches Geldof

Toni Alexis said...

that is an awesome apartment. love that bedroom!


Marilynn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song!

I love the pictures of the apartment. It just makes me really anxious to move out already with my friends. I wish I didn't have to wait for Decemner. That red couch is amazing. As for the dresser, that is pretty much what my room will look like.

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LEESH said...

yummmmm! the last photo with the black door is so intriguing. she's fabulous! cheers!

Mila said...

I love this post!!

Thanks a lot for sharing and have a great day!


Sunniva said...

Thanks for this!
She is so wonderful. Love all of her outfits from Misshapes and the Cobrasnake. And I'm thrilled to hear that she's in the newest urban outfitters autumn catalogue!

Thu said...

i'm digging that striped dress she has on, and i love houses with high ceilings.

Style Syrup said...


I have given your wonderful blog an award. Oh la la la la la


lei said...

i enjoy your blog.
i'm linking you on mine!

Anonymous said...

i love the multiple picture frames!

discothequechic said...


this is my newest most favouritest site ever ever.

i would say "what a coincidence" but it's really never a surprise that we're on the same wavelength, is it?

tried sending you a text, but for some reason it didn't work. expect an email this weekend as i'm not working.

love X

Fleurr De Lux said...

Oh my god stop, she is so perfect!! I on the other hand can't even keep all my clothes off the floor let alone have my place look this rad. Thanks for your lovely comments, but we DO feel bad about not updating more! One thing about summer ending: Tjejsajten will be back in full force!!

Abby said...

i wish my dorm room could look half as nice as that apartment, as much as i love fashion and good style i usually leave my room so blank :(

Mila said...

I tagged you!
Take a look at my blog to see what it's about!

Have a great week!
x Mila.

belle.chantelle said...

I love how chill and relaxed she is. Great apartment, old school.

Vi said...

I wish I could call that apartment my own. Sigh.

D said...

Great Post! I getting a sneak peak into peoples houses... it's so revealing, and oh so interesting. Thanks!

icon said...

oh my! i absolutly love your blog... mind if i link you? And i would have to agree, i love getting a sneak peek of peoples houses. There's a lot to be said about one's home, love it.