cover me in you.

"Wang has also decided to release a diffusion line of t-shirts and tank tops, simply to be named T by Alexander Wang. As he pointed out to WWD, “I realized there were no T-shirts that spoke to my aesthetic… You have those L.A. brands and then you have the $200, $300 shirts from The Row and Rick Owens.”

Set to consist mainly of basic tank tops and t-shirts, the line is sure to easily be able to slide right into rotation with his signature off-duty model-inspired aesthetic.

The line thus far is to consist of 12 different styles, with a price range of $20-50, in a variety of colors and cuts.

Wang told WWD about the line, “Necklines are stretched and armholes are strategically lowered so that it looks worn in… It’s like sleeping in a T-shirt and then wearing it the next day. It’s not this crisp little T out of the dryer. It’s draped and kind of wilted.”

can you say yes, please?! could you spoil us anymore, alex?
im buying every one.



regular posting will resume later this week as normal. my summer course has finally ended!


Héloïse J. said...

that's g r e a t news! thank you.
can't wait to get my hands on some!!

LEESH said...

the price is sooooo perfect! it's so sad when you see a basic tee for like 200 dolla bills and all it is is a basic tee. alex is soo kind and gracious to poor college students. wonderful post dear


Vi said...

They're such simple pieces, yet so beautiful.

claire said...

fantastic, from a tenner apiece!

looking forward to more posts
young-shields x

Tru said...

love the blog!!!

GDW said...

soooo excited for this

Mila said...

I love that beautiful basics!

:) Mila.

Lauren said...

I'm happy about the prices, his other tee shirts cost more than $200.

D said...

Yessss! I'm so happy they are reasonably priced. I was worried they would cost a fortune like most well cut basics these days. x

girl on the wing said...

He could have gotten away with charging so much more - I'm impressed. Can't wait to get my hands on some...

Amber said...

Wow! This just made my day. I was about to buy an extremely overpriced tee from Mark and Estel but I think I'll wait now. Thanks for the post :)