sunday inspiration.

early this rainy sunday morning, as i sit listening to a musical mix of serge gainsbourg, françois hardy, & tricky, flipping through various fashion sites & blogs - saving millions of images to various folders & full of inspiration i get the idea for a new regular post here on 10.17, which will be entitled simply enough - 'sunday inspiration', in which, every sunday, i will showcase my fashion favourites & inspiring photographs ive found throughout the previous week. because we all know how fabulous a silly little photograph can make us feel.

(tfs, lisaplace, stockholm streetstyle, modererniteter)



Anonymous said...

I love that gold skirt, and the bottom glasses. <3

July Stars said...

I want the black Givenchy bag ... NOW!

Carolina said...

Nice pictures!

Marilynn said...

I love the outfit in the upper left corner. it weird that my favorite image is the simple white shirt and shorts?

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Mila said...

Great post! <3
Nothing bad to say about the Scandinavian girls, their styles are still rocking!

:) Mila.

Knight Cat said...

i love the idea :) oh and i will get back to you on the music you recommended me! thank you so so so so much for it!


claire said...


emsie said...

it's funny, i saved that picture at the top left in my inspiration files too. love this post.

discothequechic said...

hehe, indeed i know that feeling!

love xxxx

guess what i'm listening to...

i'll give you some clues..

6 letter word.

a plural.

title begins with c.

a. said...


is it...

its clowns!

gorgeous, innit?


Fashion Tidbits said...

so into the denim cutoffs at the mo

a. said... it?