darling i'll leave,

and you wont come along"

this video is coming at a perfect time since it seems, oddly, that ive just recently rekindled my adoration for lykke li yesterday. i was obsessed all through january when her debut album first hit sweden & lately pleasantly surprised to see her splashed all over american magazines for what will be her first US release later this month & tour following in october.
another road trip, perhaps? & for my birthday [10.17] how exciting!

of course we all know that lykke has only a slight influence on fashion & its trends.
that bun, anyone? so it was inevitable that this new video would be filled with loads of inspiration & of the moment trends;

balenciaga-esque boots with socks - my personal favourite - check
body con dresses & skirts - check
grunge plaids & flannels - check
mulichained necklaces ala givenchy - check
centre parted hair - check
insanely sexy smokey eyes - check

fall shopping should come easy this year...

can i also add just how much im loving the set & art design?
that rod iron bed? the minimalistic chic bedroom with its white sheets?
& the overall hazy atmosphere?

ah, only the swedish.


ps. you know that little thing i mentioned oh, three months ago?
its coming up - tomorrow.


loveology said...

Oh, gorgeous clip!

Looking forward to your 'little thing'. ;)


young-shields said...

thank you for the lovely comment, i thought i had already added you to my links, yours being one of my favourite blogs..i've done it now anyway. :)

and lykke li is my absolute favourite right now, her style and songs are.. immensely perfect!

why are the swedish so cool?

M said...

Love fashion but don't have the biggest budget? Check out this blog: - mostly models. 24/7.

the.ramonas said...

love her over-accessorized rings. Actually, love everything about the styling. awesomeness!