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busy, busy

nyc planning, care package making, coursework, early hours,
long walks to & from campus, etc. etc.

let's just all agree that the sunday inspiration posts
will come when they can & be better than ever, oui?

tonight was lovely though; bubble bath, with gardenia candles burning & a bit of white wine, i sat reading a little book of slyvia plath poetry, that arrived yesterday via surprise parcel from a deer mate of mine.

why is it that i love sundays so much?

love, A.


Sunniva said...

I love Sundays too, there's just something calm and magical about them. And your Sunday sounds absolutely lovely!


Mila said...

Hmm...sundays give me a strange kind of freedom-feeling....(is this a word?)
You can just wander around your house and do whatever you want...lots of dreaming and....

I want a NYCtrip plan too!


Zoelissima said...

I just posted about how much I love sundays too... They are the best day of the week, though, hand down!

I just started my blog, so I hope you don't mind that I linked you :)

Zoe xxx

little miss s. said...

ooh I love this week's inspiration! hope you're enjoying sylvia my dear ;)


strikeapose said...

Sundays are my fave. i love gardenia.

Chic Looks said...

Sunday's are me fav's, having jammy dodgers and sunday roast, love you blog

Fleurr De Lux said...

sounds like a very rich sunday !

Nick the Grocer said...

lovely sunday inspiration. sundays are just so lovely.

Anonymous said...


Jess. said...

Sundays are perfect. I always catch up with my friends and wind down for the week ahead. Love the photos!


Fleurr De Lux said...

It's not Sunday but I think I want to steal your idea for a perfect evening!!

LEESH said...

i love sylvia plath. i'm reading the bell jar right now and i can't put it down. love her.

rebelle zine said...

linking you a-sap