listen to this.

seven favourite songs of the moment;

one • goldfrapp : train • as its been added back to the setlist for their new tour, i am officially reobsessed - again. just as much as i am with the live recording from glastonbury this past weekend (i told you my mates would bring back gifts) its been the very first song i scroll to on my ipod.

two • the knife : forest families • the perfect accompaniment to late night drives.
they are simply amazing.

three • tricky : aftermath • i love tricky & i could listen to this song over & over & over again.

four • the kills : getting down • quite possibly my favourite off the album.
you cant help but dance & sing along.

five • jefferson airplane : triad • absolutey gorgeous. her voice is perfection. the ultimate summer anthem. makes me want to lounge in the grass, barefoot,
wearing a vintage 70s floral maxi dress.

six • tres caravelas (las tres carabelas) : caetano veloso • from my most favourite movie's soundtrack. do like tamsin & mona & dance around to this while playing dress up.

seven • goldfrapp : koko • supernature as a whole (to me) is the perfect summer soundtrack, it was definitely mine last year & has once again risen to the title. & i had forgotten just how much i loved this song & ive just added it back to my daily rotation of goldfrapp tunes.

- i must admit, it was a bit difficult for me to not choose all seven goldfrapp songs.
i think i have almost come to realize how much i really do listen to alison & will...its like 24/7, i swear-

and i tag :
the fabulous july stars, my mate patrice, zoe & jessica over at sick., my frapper softlad,
the swede enthusiasts of tjejsajten, my new mate tyler-hamilton
and last but not least my darling lizzy.

cheers & happy listening.



emily said...

lol, if i ever get tagged for this, i'll probably choose all of the songs from the same band!

July Stars said...

Hey lovely! I did this musical tag at the end of June and having explored all my non-jazz avenues it would be extremely hard for me to come up with some new stuff that wasn't ... well ... Jazz!!! Did you read the email I sent you a couple of days ago? Kisses from London gorgeous

Tyler said...

I love the artwork for Train. Its also one of the covers of one of photoalbums on Myspace.

Tyler said...
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Knight Cat said...

you have awesome taste in music love :)

Times of Glory said...

Well, such a great list! I love The Kills and Goldfrapp! They can sooooo put me into a great mood xx


hey cette fille, thanks for that comment. I'm so happy you came to my blog! <3 by the way yours is pretty cool too, love the song choices you have listed here!! :)

SICK. said...

thanks for the tag ! i did this just recently, but i appreciate it anyways :]
& isn't jefferson airplane amazing ? i really like 'somebody to love' and 'white rabbit'.
i'll be sure to download 'triad' too.


Tinsley said...

as always, great taste in music
im slightly embarrased to say but i didnt know too much about goldfrapp until this blog

im officially obsessed now though! they rank up in my favourites along with the strokes (and thats saying something!)

great picks! summer of love was a great movie, wasn't it?

the tea drinking english rose said...

train and goldfrapp are wicked-cool.

yes i do! i love!
but not as much as you!! :)!
aww!! your blog is rather cute, and i'm linking you back! x

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?


você é fantástico!

um beijo para você, meu caro amigo!

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Laurel said...

Abby! How are you, lovely?!

Oh, The Kills - how I love thee. Thank you for asking a question, I got the newest video posted finally. My trip was so wonderful and I spent too much money - oops!

Hope you're doing well, love!

Anonymous said...

my favourite song off the kills album is black balloon.

i live in Australia and there is this department store called Myer here and the campaign for them at the moment are these images of a girl who i think looks a lot like you! im not sure if i can post it in this comment but i really want to show you. i made this identity so i can comment you. i have been reading from the start i just never made a blogspot!xx

i will post it on.

a. said...


your post is gone now so i cant comment, but i saw the photo; how sweet of you! she is lovely.

you should definitely think about blogging, darling.

thanks for reading! xxx

-h of candid cool said...

im listening to midnight boom at the moment and i have to admit im pretty impressed

Anonymous said...

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