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usually when the clock reads six am, its my cue that i have once again stayed up way too late & must force myself to get some rest. but this morning six am was my cue to actually wake up. for work. & i thought i would make a short post while im finishing up my cup of coffee & before i rush out the door to share with you this little video i found on the fashion spot a few nights ago.

i really cant get enough of glastonbury, can i? it also doesnt hurt that grimmy is so cute, & theres a cameo by not only alexa but pixie geldof (that bit was quite hilarous) & annie mac as well.




discothequechic said...

oh, this week i decided that i like alexa again, after finding her annoying for a while (thanks, overexposure..)

but pixie i can be doing without!


and whaaat? you slept non-nocturnal hours? hope you had a good 4th july too, by the way.

Fleurr De Lux said...

The video won't work for me!! I love Alexa Chung she's grand, and I like Pixie too (with a name like that? How couldn't I??)
FYI we're finalists in this Canadian contest to be reporters for an online magazine. We did a post on it and we'd love it if you gave us a vote! xoxo

Fleurr De Lux said...

PS. Please don't laugh, but you said you tagged us . . . What does that mean?? (We're really bad at the internet, obviously . . .)

the catist said...

alexa is quite cute but pixie i can do without... oh how i wish to be at glastonbury!

Tinsley said...

i wish alexa still did her popworld segments - they were always so akward and funny!
she would have been perfect interviewing at glastonbury :)

Laurel said...

GAH - I wish I could have gone to Glastonbury. Sigh....

I definately will call down to Barney's today about the Margiela's - I can't stop thinking about them! AH!

Hope you're well, mi amore!

Paris Tarts said...

I love your blog :)