going to glastonbury is my ultimate summer fantasy.
obviously, as it involves just a few of my favourite things;

• the somerset country side (even if it does get a bit muddy)
• an amazing array of fabulous british music acts
• an excuse to wear wellies - fashionably
• putting that stash of polaroid film to good use
• retreating to a rented wennebago to make tea inbetween gigs
• & the exciting off chance of bumping into one of those (good kind) of hipster celebrities.
par example; these two

this year was especially hard - it seemed almost everyone i knew was going.
at least theyve promised to bring me back loads of photos...

above is just an idea of what i might be wearing ala glasto/necessities i think perfect for the occasion.

glastonbury 09 - here i come!


edit : you didnt think i could leave this post as is without at least one
goldfrapp at glastonbury mention did you?

mm, you know me all too well.


LIZ said...

loved this post - you & i must pencil glastonbury 09 into our schedules ;]
& alexa looks fabulous, as always.

SICK. said...

ooh, glastonbury, if only.
the closest i'm getting this summer is the ottawa bluesfest, which i'm working :]
but, no goldfrapp, ergo nowhere near as amazing.


katie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Wellies

discothequechic said...

i can't believe it didn't sell out this year!
and usually i'm so in love with it and struggle so hard to get tickets, but I didn't this year.

..what is happening? must say, i love the idea of bestival, latitude and secret garden party more and more..

but I do wish I was doign some of the summer festivals!

discothequechic said...

AND, I lovelove that UO bag. I've had my eye on it for a while!

Marilynn said...

Yeah, I'm surprised it didn't sell out either. I really wished it was possible for me to go. Is that a light blue holga camera? I'm jealous, I've been looking for one of those.

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softlad said...

cf, Glasto is one little ray of sunshine poorer for you not being there.

Héloïse J. said...

i 'd love to go once to one of those huuuge festivals!!!

nice choices ;]

Héloïse J. said...

i 'd love to go once to one of those huuuge festivals!!!

nice choices ;]

lilliebe said...

Is that a light blue Holga? It's so lovely.
I'm so gutted I missed Glastonbury this year too!

Tyler said...

ah, I think going to Glastobury is a dream of many

The style societe said...

You are soooo lucky - Australia has good festivals - not as good as Glastonbury though!!!!
Love your spread:)
B x

emsie said...

i'd love to go to glastonbury. for the music and the fashion.


Laurel said...

OMG - you go next year? I go with you. You go see The Kills? I go too!

Sound like a plan? Sweet.

I am so excited you found my blog, it's so refreshing to find another Kills fan as obsessed as I am...hahaha.

Hope you're well babe! xoxox

emily said...

i need to get myself one of those floral skirts! i always see them at f21 and i chicken out on buying them because i don't like short things.

kirsty lee said...

this was the first year i missed glastonbury in ages and they had nice weather for once. pretty annoying!

to be honest i didn't enjoy the recent ones all that much due to the miserable mud and rain, but on a hot summers day it can be a pretty amazing place.