"goodnight, another bad morning"

my love for polaroids will never die,
& they are even better when paired with one of my favourite bands.

to do like me & waste away a bad morning - just make yourself a nice cuppa,
set the ipod to midnight boom & sift through more lovely polaroids taken by the kills.

all will seem better in no time, i promise.



July Stars said...

I'm so obsessed with polaroids too and have a little treasure box filled with them. I guess I better stock up on films before they discontinue them in October. Sad.

Patrice said...

Jamie's photos (polaroids and non) just slay me.

Camille says OOPS. said...

Oh thanks for the link I love the Kills, I love polaroid so I love the Kills' polaroids ^^

Style said...

love polaroids!! they r so funky n cute!!

Kat said...

polaroids wil never cease to be pretty even when the picture is a glass of fag butts!lol

Kat said...

cool blog btw:-)

deexdeexdreamer said...

it's so sad they've been discontinued, makes it that much more special to stash up that box under your bed til' October eh? I know i will *tear*

SICK. said...

it's terrible that polaroids will be discontinued, because they're so instantaneous, and they capture an exact moment.
digitals are fine and dandy, but they just don't have the same feel.
and the kills definitely embody that feel in their photos.


Tinsley said...

so sad that they wont make the polaroid film anymore :(
great find - the kills with a camera around is perfection

ps. im pretty much obsessed with the caravan girl video!

Teresa said...

I sympathize with all of the polaroid lovers above.
Everytime I go to a drugstore I frantically shuffle over to the film section in hopes they still carry Spectra film.

Anonymous said...