the twenty-first of june.

this year, june 21st is extra lovely for not just one but two reasons;
today not only marks the beginning of a much anticipated season but also the beginning of a much anticipated tour - the goldfrapp 'seventh tree' summer tour.

& who better to wish us a happy summer than alison goldfrapp herself...


the video was released just yesterday & i hurried to get it on youtube so i could make this special summery post today - the first of summer.

(i guess you could say ive got connections when it comes to alison & will)

& if youre lucky enough to see them both live this summer in europe the dates are on; most of which are already sold out though.

heres hoping they'll drop by nyc again before they head off to australia!
i am absolutely dying to see them again...

happy summer!



softlad said...

With odds of 364 to 1 the Ms. G video release must have been timed purely to coincide with the sites first birthday. Naturellement comme le vidéo.

discothequechic said...

hehehe, she's so cheeky!
just watched the bexhill-on-sea message too, how funny!

and may i just say..

but we love you anyway.

Anonymous said...

you're so funny, a complete allison fan through and through, but I love it. she should hire you as her publicist :)

Anonymous said...

I am a total Anglophile as well, I did my senior speech (required for graduation) on it haha. I've been to the UK 3 times and absorb all things British back home- harry potter, ian mcewan, keira knightley, sienna miller, hugh grant, the brontes, coldplay, elton john, luella, temperley london, imogen heap, goldfrapp, maximo park, badly drawn boy, the fratellis, the kooks, the beatles, the kills, roald dahl etc. etc. i also use random brit slang (when i said soccer pitch once it was hilarious), even Alex Richards (of the blog w/ the same name...) thought I was british once. if I don't live there (at least i'm studying abroad there) I'll marry a brit haha. so yea, basically i totally know where you're coming from ;) i guess i clued in on the fact you live here, when you said you only visited NYC for 2 days, which was a bit short for a translantic flight haha. where are you going to college exactly?

Héloïse J. said...

happy happy summer dear!! (it's so hot here. i'm melting :/ )

obsessed indeed! :P

Betheny said...

have an awesome summmer!!

Sarah said...

I saw them live two days ago, at the Hovefestval in Norway :)
Good, but too short! said...

so I love goldfrapp and i love your blog~ Check out mine if you have chance!