joyeux (belated) anniversaire!

i'm late for my own party.

a celebration dinner for my mum last night, a stop by my favourite coffee shop downtown for a chocolate macaroon, a last minute meet up with my over 21 mate & one too many glasses of champagne lead to a late night, a massive headache & forgotten coursework, which meant, of course, that i had to spend today making up for it. add in a few extra hours sleep, a million cuppas later & all is seemingly back to normal.

a big merci for all the early birthday wishes, suggestions & ideas.
i promised i would deliver soo;

the outfit i wore last night is actually one of my newest favourite creations. it consists of my dads old denim jacket (which he loved too too much - its perfectly worn in),
an aa tee shirt dress, vintage belt & those shoes (!)

in terms of fashion what were you like as a child?
as a child i can remember hating it when i would receive clothes at christmas or whenever, not because i didnt like them but because what they got - i would never wear. i think it was mainly due to my extreme pickiness & even then i favoured vintage & secondhand. i was always playing dress up in my mums closet, which was filled with so many amazing pieces from her modeling days. (sadly its all gone now, when i could have fully appreciated it) though, the real turning point i had into the fashion obsessed happened when i was eleven. we were on our weekly weekend shopping trip to the "big city" with mum's best friend & her family; traffic was horrid & i remember being so bored waiting in the backseat when out of desperation my mother's friend handed me a copy of W with kate moss on the cover. by the time we arrived at the shopping center of all shopping centers - i just wanted to stay put, still in the car, & oodle over the gorgeousness that lay in my lap. it was love at first sight & its been that way ever since.

& to july stars who suggested an interview - i absolutely love the idea! im afraid though that interviewing myself would end up quite conceited & boring, so if anyone out there wants the honours - you know what to do.

keep the ideas/suggestions coming. they give me a good excuse to post when my minds gone completely blank & im feeling uninspired.

i cant believe 10.17 is already a year old! ive met so lovely people (you know who you are), got to visit so many lovely places & got to buy so many lovely things & post all about it here since last june. ah, time goes by too fast.

heres to another fabulous year *clink clink*

my glass will be full of sparkling grape juice though, i think ive had enough bubbly the past 24 hours


love, A.


little miss s. said...

congratualations my dear! this post is fabulous...your oufit is perfect, the AA (of course), those shoes (!) hehe and I adore the way your wore the jacket. It's all just perfectly darling.

here's to many future birthday posts! *clink*

LIZ said...
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LIZ said...

fabulous post, darling -
im in a seriously envious state over those shoes!
again, congratulations on a genius first year!

NICOLE said...

i love these shoes... awesome take on the gladiators

Anonymous said...

congrats! sounds like a fun day! basically I love the blog for what it is already, no major suggestions, but as much as I love oufit posts, it would be fun to see what else you adore- movies, books, more music, etc?

Tinsley said...

congratulations for the one year anniversary! i think i missed mine ... i dont really remember when i began to be honest :P

thanks for the really nice comment - i appreciate it :)
i forgot to say but the post of ny a while back was probably one of the most interesting ive read! your blog is a great inspiration as well :) ill add you to my top links

Chloe Van Paris said...

Joyeux anniversaire.
I think it's just great time.

discothequechic said...

here's to another year, my sweet!
and that outfit...oh, how lovely it is.
and how you have encouraged me (naughty) to click onto the AA page and grab myself a tee shirt dress of my own.

i'm so glad that i stumbled across this blog all these months ago, we have so much in common it's scary, and sorry if i've been shit with the emails of late, but i feel like i've found a very lovely blogging friend!

love xxx

Wendy said...

Great outfit, so crisp and clean.

July Stars said...

Hey lovely, I would be happy to create a list of questions interview style for you! Let me know what you think!

SICK. said...

are you still searching for an interviewer ?
happy belated anniversary, lovie.


Fleurr De Lux said...

Yaaay outfit posts! Keep them coming, lady!

laura emily said...

I can't belive I missed your one year anniversary!
I am truly sorry, but wish you all the best for another fabulous year!


Chassy said...

I love your shoes and I adore your blogg!!


i must say..
sexy outfit
sexy shoes!