two parties ending.

i dont think words can describe just how cool this is;

they both look insanely sexy.
it makes me want alison's wardrobe & jamie, yknow, just in general...
gosh, i love them.



Patrice said...

I think it's to the point of obsession with me and them. I loved them before but now i am IN LOVE!

little miss s. said...

eee the kills! they're just so cool...patrice is right: in love absolutely

deexdeexdreamer said...

this is my favourite kills song...but this totally ruins my intrepretation of it! sigh. at least someone thinks hince is hot!!

LIZ said...

god, they are so cool.
& abby i second you concerning jamie's attractiveness - i would be on him in a quick minute, given the opportunity haha :P

Nay'Chelle said...

I like the video. Two cool cats. haha.

Oh, you asked this a while ago. But the gilr in the striped shirt and high waist skirt is from style mob. I don't know who she is unfortunately.

the ninth photo is from Chictopia. i don't know her username though.

discothequechic said...

forget cool.
this is hottt.

the hottest thing i've seen all day in fact.
but then again, i have been reading history books. so y'know.

they look exactlyy like they did when i saw them; the way they look into each others eyes.
they're so "in the closet" incestuous, i love it.


SICK. said...

the kills, well, they're simply amazing.