caravan girl.

"what is her name that caravan girl? what is her name?"

since ive been so wonderfully busy for once in my life (i've just got back from a trip to pittsburgh for my brothers birthday where i visited the divine andy warhol museum & met up with one of my most fabulous mates for a quick chat & a coffee), i have decided to make a quick little post featuring my day one new york city outfit. sadly, we were so rushed & preoccupied that day (for obvious reasons) that we barely took any photos before we changed that night.
so, here it is - imprompteau photoshoots & all.

h&m leather dress
urban outfitters scarf
second hand cardigan
aa lame bandeau bra
chanel 2.55 bag
crown vintage oxford pumps (i wear them basically everyday)
& my two most favourite rings in all the world.

love, A.


laura emily said...

I adore! Please let me steal your Chanel 2.55!

deexdeexdreamer said...

the scarf, the bag-so gorgeous! it's all too much :o

bear said...

such a cute dress!

July Stars said...

Super cute! Love it!
How was the Andy Warhol Museum?

Fleurr De Lux said...

I LOVE THE LEATHER DRESS. a leather dress! how amazing. such a great purchase. you look lovely!

Fleurr De Lux said...
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emsie said...

Your dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

ooo I've always wanted to go to the andy warhol museum, fun?

love the outfit, scarf really brings it all together

btw, hope this question doesn't seem to odd or rude, but are you originally American, but now live in England? Sorry, I just get confused because aren't you based in London, but your brother is in PA and you refer to yourself as America....?

karla said...

so chic! love your blog. LINKED YOU!

LIZ said...

i remember when we met up in the aeroport that day, i was overcome with how chic you looked for just stepping off a plane hehe
i love how the basic-ness of the monochrome contrasts against the luxury of a leather dress.
ps - i just adore your blog, & im not quite sure ive said that yet :o
i get so excited when i find out youve posted something new :]

Princess.Maria said...

lovely dress

Taghrid said...

this look is perfect! your hair with the dress and the scarf it is all so complete!

Taghrid said...

btw i love your blog and i am going to link you!