the face hunter show.

as i had mentioned about a month ago, yvan (aka the face hunter) would soon be coming out with his very own myspace tv show & the very first episode just dropped without a single let-down in sight. he is just as adorable & funny as ever ;

• interviews taken on the floor seem like so much fun, no?
"it's an I-RON!"
• so im not the only one who makes life long friends through myspace. hmm.
• im convinced - my summer staple hairstyle will now be milkmaid braids running across my forehead. how cute was that?
"going to a drive in taco place is probably one of the most exciting things ive been doing these past two minutes."


update from;

Release dates of the next episodes of The Facehunter Show:
Jun. 6th: Mexico City part 2
Jun. 13th: Stockholm part 1
Jun. 20th: Stockholm part 2
Jun. 27th: Moscow part 1
Jul. 4th: Moscow part 2



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Pipelettes time

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discothequechic said...

hehe, yes afraid that may just be you, i rather love the appeal of erin's roots!

softlad said...

"Crime is the Viagra of life." Indeed.

If only she had used a travel I-RON. Ah, the line between c'est chic and c'est folie is thinner than Lily Cole.

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little miss s. said...

my favorite part is when he's giving the interview lying on the floor, hehe

Ragamala said...

Oh my gosh. He's adorable, I love this.

Knight Cat said...

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ELLE said...

Ahha. Aww he's adorable.

SICK. said...

score !
gotta love yvan & all those beautiful people.


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chloe van paris said...


Anonymous said...

ohh this is too adorable i love it and him

girl on the wing said...

i didn't know what to expect from this but it's so good! and he gets extra bonus points for using the mars volta.