yvan on the telly.

finally a tv show ill actually be watching

yvan the face hunter, who just happens to be a sort of friend of a very good friend of mine, will be launching his own tv show on myspace tv called, very fittingly - "the face hunter show"

The idea is extremely simple, but sometimes they're the best. Accompanied by my trusty cameraman, each week I'll voyage to a different country, hanging out with up-and-coming artists, designers, musicians and liberated souls... Hang out, yes, but also film their ideas and their lives with a constant eye for adventure. Besides the show, I'll of course keep face hunting, you know it's in my blood...

hes quite the charmer & has quite the sense of humour, so if hes got as good a panache for television making as he does an eye for streetstyle - im excited to see what he throws together for us.

- episodes start up the end of this month -



Molly :] said...

Cant. Wait. to. see. it.
:) x

emsie said...

that programme does sound amazing. i bet they won't have it over here in the uk though.

SICK. said...

i'm really looking forward to this.
i only wish that they would paly it on ftv.


Fleurr De Lux said...

Oooh I had no idea! This is exciting, good thing my finals are over soon. If I had this to distract me, there's no way I would be studying!! (Not that I am anyway...)

Fleurr De Lux said...

Oooh response to the blusher inquiry: I use smashbox O Glow (It's a clear gel that turns pink when you put it on!) Or a covergirl powder that's just a really bright bubblegum pink (the name of the shade has since worn off the packaging).

lee jones said...

that's so wicked! sweeeeeeet!

Anonymous said...

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