how do i look?

instead of taking various inspiration from hipster photo blogs, ive decided to wear my geek glasses 24.7 because of this woman - julie delpy, who wrote, directed, produced & acted in my newest favourite movie;
2 Days in Paris.

f21 & uo



July Stars said...

Hey, I just linked you back!
I'll let you know how the gig was on Friday ... I can't wait! The Union Chapel show was so incredible ...

S.C. said...

Wearing glasses as become a cool factor in any person profile. I really like the second ones.
I add you to my links :).

SICK. said...

and of course it won't hurt that to others you'll look very fabulous & stylish, while you secretly are making a tribute to your favourite director.


-h of candid cool said...

looks like a funny movie.

Fleurr De Lux said...

Have you seen Before Sunrise and After Sunset with her and Ethan Hawke? Sooo cute. And both films take place in Paris!

discothequechic said...

yeahh i love julie delpy and this film was soso funny.

you should also watch Before Sunrise and After Sunset if you liked these; they're so lovely, and her and Ethan Hawke who are the main characters actually improvised most of the dialogue so its very authentic and interesting!
It's one of my favourites and what inspired me to go inter-railing!

ps, best watched alone at about 1 in the morning in bed on the laptop, this is how I enjoy it best!

ohsarah said...

i am in love with julie because of 2 days in paris!
i've been so tempted to go out and buy every pair of nerdy glasses i can find so i can be like her. :D

Wendy said...

I think I need to see this movie soon! The 80's nerd glasses are so cool.

Caroline said...

this movie is so greatttt