engagement night.

lately, the one piece of jewellery i find myself grabbing for everyday is my mothers old watch. its the exact watch ive been searching for for ages. the perfect, classic go with anything watch.
she just recently found it again & decided i could borrow it for the time being.
which im hoping might turn into forever.

dad, mum & said watch on their engagement night.
new years. 1981.



emily said...

ooh woow, i cant believe this!
my parents ahve a polaroid exactly like that on their engagement night, and guess what, it was new years too :D

July Stars said...

Hey, just came across your blog by chance and noted that you have a passion for Goldfrapp! I went to her rehearsal gig at the Union Chapel. It was amazing ... and I'm lucky enough to be able to watch her again this Friday at the Royal Festival Hall!

LIZ said...

i just received my grandfathers vintage gold watch, when he passed away -
i wear it with everything.
& that is quite possibly the sweetest picture ive seen in a while :]

emsie said...

That watch is beautiful.
I wish my mum had something like that to give me.

Like the new header!

little miss s. said...

I love nicking my mum's old jewelry too, but I just adore that old photo...I'm such a sentimentalist!

ps: you very much look like your mum! and the new header is fab ;)

SICK. said...

new header !
sasha p ♥

i like to wear my dad's old watches, but i'm not really allowed to because they have a lot of sentimental value and they're pretty expensive.


Jelenie said...

That's a beautiful pic of your parents!

Fleurr De Lux said...

How sweet! I was just thinking of doing an old family photos post. And I recently aquired a (non familial but still cool) go with anything watch for $1. It has a gold face and a black snakeskin strap. Joy!

runway today said...

This is such a great post! That is a great watch and so is the picture of your parents!

because im addicted said...

vintage watches are the best. so full of character, they have a story and look so chic!

poppy lee said...

can't beleve i've never found your blog before. i am loving it, and linking you right away.

love the watch and the photo of your parents. i wish i owned something with so much history.