a second hand jacket.

if leather motorcycle jackets were the thing of cold winters past, i have the feeling that once the sun decides to come up & stay for good the denim jacket will be taking its place.

although i still have yet to add one into my spring wardrobe im willing to throw one in the mix, that is if i ever decide to get over my nightmare-ish memories of the one i wore constantly throughout my later elementary school years. eek.

& if that does happen, id like to wear mine modernly updated
& looking a little something like this;




On Track said...

I love denim jackets, I hope you are right and they do come into the stores soon, they remind me of my childhood, much cooler these days though ;)

LIZ said...

oh dear.
im afraid that, like you, ill never quite be able to get over my childhood trauma that is the faded, patchwork denim jacket i used & abused all through middle school.
i cringe just thinking about it ugh.
cute post :]

softlad said...

The girl in the picture appears to be wearing a jacket / shirt combo, a 'shacket' if you will. Blue is the new black and fish is the new chicken. cette fille is a Glamourpuss (capital 'G' for....).

roxanne said...

the picture is perfection.

i'm definitely a tad weary of fitted denim jackets like the commenter above.. not only was it a elementary school, but a load of trashy girls wore them over their uniforms in high school, too. bad memories.

i'd like something looser, like the picture above.. hence the word perfection.

Andy said...

wow. amazing

Héloïse J. said...

haha! i had these memories too but got over my school year nightmares!!

good luck :P

Fleurr De Lux said...

Agreed agreed!! I snatched up a thrifted Gap jacket in the perfect washed out shade just the other day. Perfect with sundresses! Although I have to be extra careful to not leave the house in the dreaded Canadian Tuxedo (head to toe denim!!)
x L

fashion* CHALET said...

Cool outfit! Love the whole look. :)

July Stars said...

I still wear my old Levi's denim jacket from my teenage years and I love it to bits ... Cool picture.

Genevieve said...

i love denim jackets - especially when paired with spring dresses :)

Your blog is so great! I love everything – the posts, layout… great job!

Anonymous said...

I have a denim jacket from GAP. but I've never thought to wear it that way! truly amazing!

ohsarah said...

i heard h&m has some cute denim jackets [and apparently on sale, too?].

too bad there's not one in ttown.

love aesthetics said...

everything works soo well together! I always find denim jackets and blouses at thriftstores

Wendy said...

Her look is pretty cool, nice mixture of different textures.

karla said...

love this look!!!

ps: added you to my blog roll :)

karla said...

love this look!!!

ps: added you to my blog roll :)

Patrice said...

that is like my wardrobe right there! ratty chucks and all. haha.

Anonymous said...