this is why i love being the only one awake in the house at 5am;
you can take hours replying to countless emails, aimlessly search on flickr, make way too many posts on the fashion spot & find crazy youtube videos that change your life, if only for a day.

case in point - alison goldfrapp screaming at her dancers mid song today at
radio 1's big weekend.


really, only alison.

ps. is it just me or are you also just itching for it to finally be warm enough outside so we can have an excuse dress up like all the coachella girls?

pps. enough with the goldfrapp related posts, i know, i know but ive had serious bloggers block as of late. but this week - i promise. there will be something up none goldfrapp/alison related.

ppps. nyc trip photos & purchases to come up next. stay tuned. i am back!